This Weeks Faves!

Friday, April 18, 2014


Oh the Meatball! So hearty and can be seasoned to your liking! I just Google a recipe and go with it; but then after forming into balls I broiled on low in oven and then added them to my sauce. My family likes a little sauce but not a lot so it was the perfect filling dinner and one of our go to family favorites!

I didn't want to forget about my go to snack. Ever Google Are Carrots Addictive? Do it, and you will find that they are indeed addictive and I have been eating an over abundance for the last two years! 

When I stop for a while, usually about when my hands show an orange tint and my family starts ridiculing me over it. I cut back, but it is hard craving them sneaking one or two out of fridge when you refill your drink. I am serious, I literally start craving them much like a smoker craves their cigarette.

 The cashiers at the grocery stores all know me by the "Carrot Lady",  I am in there every few days buying two or three 2lb bags of carrots. Sometimes I rip the bag open as soon as I get in the car much like someone might do with a pack of cigarettes, I even eat them after every meal when I am not even hungry. 

Okay that's it! Now I have craved them for long enough today that I am thinking about them right now. I am in my cutting back  But I have caved, I am off to fill up a bowl!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Who said green foods are yucky?

One of our new favorite Cream Pies!

 You know how your always afraid to eat something green when your a child this is the best pie to make when you want something for yourself and your young-in's don't like "green" things! :) Sooo very tasty and the perfect indulgence!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tuna Salad Sandwich & Boiled Egg

Tasty little lunch on the light side for me and my daughter on Thursday afternoon while we were spending quality time together, on her day off, doing some baking. We enjoyed a nice lazy afternoon baking and then watched some movies! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Swedish Nut Muffins

A favorite of generations in my family! We ove Swedish Nut Cake and I turned it into muffins! Look for the recipe on my blog!