This Weeks Faves!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Italian Easter Bread

Since finding out my husband is Sicialian I have tried to find recipes that we can try. I had never made Italian Easter Bread and from my research it is a family tradition in many Italian families to make this bread every Easter, and to give to friends. I had to see what all of the fuss is about since I love using my bread machine. And WOW! This bread is the perfect texture! I had to remove mine from oven about 10 minutes early and it was melt in your mouth perfect. The glaze recipe needs to be doubled in my opinion. That is a little mental note to myself for when I make it next! :D The eggs are colored while raw, and then baked in the bread, photo in bottom left shows texture of the egg, it is still very good to eat.  Great Recipe from

Happy Easter

These are raw eggs that I have colored today for a special recipe. Also the Easter Egg dye kit says it comes with six color tablets, and it only comes with five. Not sure where my husband picked it up at, I usually get Paas. I just mixed red and blue and had a shade similar to purple and they really surprised me with their vibrant colors.

Italian Bites

Saturday night I made Baked Rigatoni, I still had just a dab of meat sauce left over so I saved it for this little treat. Italian bread topped with Italian cheeses, Italian sausage and beef sauce, topped with more cheeses! A very nice afternoon snack on Easter Sunday!