This Weeks Faves!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Prepping for my 1st Daring Cook Challenge

This is my first challenge. Do I dare say I am scared to death! Daring cook to say the least! Wow what a first challenge! It sounds interesting, I have never eaten or tried anything like this. When I mentioned to my husband that I joined a cooking challenge I seen his face actually light up, not kidding. Wink I wanted to learn some thing new and why not jump in with both feet! Even if the knees are knocking. I am looking forward to this challenge!! I need to go read my challenge recipe all again, maybe a few times and do my research. I cannot share with you, my readers, the recipe until after the challenge has been completed by everyone. I believe that date is February 14th. Stay posted for pictures of my new Daring Cooking!!