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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Homemade Dog Food Update


Hey there cookin' friends and followers!
 I wanted to give you an update on my homemade dog food recipes I had found on Pinterest! It has been at least 5 weeks since I had posted. So my first mixture was of ground turkey, and it was into a loaf, that was not a hit with my Pomeranian's. I then tried a crock-pot chicken with sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans, they picked out the beans, and they picked at the meal for a few hours. I tried the ground beef in a crock-pot meal, and boy did they clean the bowl! So, I have remade the chicken, leaving out the beans and putting in peas. They loved it the first night, and I alternated between chicken meals with the beef meals, they love the beef! They are still going strong on their homemade dog food! 


We also adopted a cat from Pets & People at the local Petsmart.  I will not be feeding this kitty any 9Lives, that is for certain! He will not replace my Kikimochi, but he helps a little. I never had a cat that couldn't jump, but I do now. Apparently he needed me as much as I needed him. He lost his mommy in May 2017. With as much flabby skin he has hanging under him I believe he had to of been severely obese at one time. Now that he has been here a month, his fur is thickening, he isn't shedding like I don't know what, when we first took him in. He doesn't feel bony. Top that off, he was relieving himself under my bed. As soon as I noticed that the kitty box was not being used I nipped that in the bud! I started treat training him. Yes, you can treat train a cat! I did it! I trained him to follow me to the cat box, sat the treats down and rewarded him when he did. Eventually, I had him going in on his own! Thank goodness or I was seriously contemplating taking him back, even though it would break my heart to do it. Now, he's using the box, walking around the house, very carefully of course. He meows for me to pick him up at night and bring him to bed with me. Because he cannot jump apparently. Before you know it he will feel completely comfortable I hope!