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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Turkey "Woof" Loaf

Hey there my blog following cooking friends! Yes, you read that title right! This is Turkey Woof Loaf. It is a ground turkey meat loaf for your dog. And yes again, I am now making homemade dog food for my fuzzy babies. No, I have not gone insane.

What on earth gave me this idea?

 My kitty,  he was about 5 years old. I ran out of his usual food, and I chose another brand in a can. It didn't even look real. He ate it, but started throwing it up. I didn't think it to be odd because I changed his food. Within a week he was meowing like his tummy hurt, we rubbed his tummy he felt better, the next day he laid around all day didn't eat, barely drank water. The following day he was gone. It all happened that fast, a healthy fit kitty beating me to every room I headed for, to no kitty. I have been devastated. It is hard not having a kitty around, but I am not ready for another. I had him trained so well.

 So, as you see, as soon we started noticing my Pomeranians were being picky over their usual food a few months back we had discussed making them food ourselves. It wasn't until we lost our only beloved Kikimochi- our kitty, that we decided no more store bought crap food for our fuzzy babies. Today, was their first meals, I started with Pinterest, found tons of recipes and decided to go for it. 

The food sat there over 30 minutes untouched. 
So they obviously don't like this mix this morning.