This Weeks Faves!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wine Tasting

We just returned this past weekend from a 2 week camping trip to the White River near Mountain Home Arkansas. While we were there we discovered this very unique liquor store called Judicious Spirits that also offers wine tasting. They had specials where you can buy 4 packs of these mini wine bottles. I bought a few flavors as you can tell and some other beverages to taste. Out of all of the wine I think I like Reunite the best. It didn't have any after taste. Very nice. The pumkin liquor is excellent in coffee as well as the Baileys! ;) If your talked into purchasing a "ball sack" a six pack of slushy type drink, the lemon and pina colada are the best! You can try choking down the other flavors but I wouldn't recommend them.