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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Yesterday kicked off our 4th of July weekend. My brother brought over a brisket and ribs to place in the smoker. I made the American Potato Salad recipe I picked up from the Daring Cooks Challenge as well as other side items. While we waited for the smoked foods, I took one of the Rotisserie chickens that are already cooked for you from the grocery and whipped up some quick Chicken Salad sandwiches to help tie us over till dinner, we didn't quite make it before our tummies were feeling the need for more input. What is yummy tasty filler that will last you till dinner? My thoughts were good old fashioned root beer floats in frosted frozen mugs. Boy were they delightful!! By the time the meats were done I was extremely stuffed but I managed to get a little more in me so I could taste the brisket and ribs. Tomorrow night we get to go watch the firework show!!