This Weeks Faves!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Green thumbs or not.

Hooray! My first red cayenne pepper! I am so excited doing my happy gardener dance! Yes, there's a happy gardener dance. ;)

 Must not forget the two that's right 2 tomatoes!!! Woo-hoo! Still groovin my happy dance! :D

Then there's this... the remains of my lavender. I don't know what happened. It was looking so green and beautiful. I was so excited then I went out the next morning and they were dead. I cut back all the dead leaves and the next day this is what I had left of my lavender. Took me right out of my happy dance swing.

 I mustn't forget the strawberries that were looking so green and bushy, very sad.

Last but not least the Pentas plant with the pretty purple/pink star shaped flowers. I truly do not know what happened, maybe it will take me a little longer to get my green thumb. With temperatures in the triple digits I am surprised to have anything still green.