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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Final Cake: Born on the 5th of July

My cake for my step son although child like it may seem for a 20 year old. I am a beginner cake decorator and I am still practicing, It could have had pink roses how manly would that have been?(Giggles) ;)  After decorating it from the Wilton's Course 1 Study Guide I decided to go to my local hobby store and pick up a box for him to take the cake home to his mother's where he lives. While I was there I picked up these cute little candy fishes, and of course the lettering for Happy Birthday. 

All that hard work, effort, money spent only to find out how unappreciative he is by telling my husband it tasted like cigar smoke. What the? My husband smokes cigars but was not home or near the cake while making it. Sounds to me like an excuse to be unappreciative and a little jab at the cigar smoker, he told my husband he tasted the icing that was it, and threw it in the dumpster!!! I vow to never make him another cake again. Very disappointed his mother raised him without manners and appreciation.