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Monday, June 20, 2011

Lesson 3- Wilton Cake Decorating Class

My daughter and I survived Lesson 3 of the Wilton Cake Decorating class. Today we were the second ones to class so we had great seats to spread out our stuff. Last week we were late, but we caught up pretty quickly. Have you ever heard the saying a messy cook is a good cook, well as I have said my daughter seems to be a natural at this cake decorating stuff, but boy was her station a mess she had icing caked up all around her work station. Good thing she had that bath towel down to work on. I hadn't seen a mess like that since making Gingerbread houses in her Kindergarten class. (Giggles) The top photo are the cupcakes I made after returning home. I had only really iced one cupcake in class so I wanted to play some more!

I wanted to show you the best ones first! I need the Wilton's icing gel stuff so that my icing will be smoother but as usual when I go to buy the things I really want or need my Hobby Lobby is always out of the item so I have to go to Wal-Mart or the other Hobby Lobby on the southern end of town.  I keep meaning to ask the Wilton Instructor, John if he makes  a commission on the sales in the stores because he is missing out on a lot of what I have had to spend elsewhere. I would feel bad if that is the case.

In Lesson 3, we learned how to make flowers, fill cupcakes with filling and use different flower making decoration tools.  We learned how to make the star drop flower, swirl drop flower, shell, rosette, leaves, the pompom flower, the shaggy mum, and how to use the flower nail. John, the instructor always throws in a few tips and tricks along the way. I blew up my cupcake overfilling it, then wait till you see my first pompom flower it is not good.

The Pompom flowers in hues of blue in the above picture on the bottom left. On the bottom left side is what it is supposed to look like that my daughter had made, she is letting hers dry so it will be easier to place onto the cupcake.  As for my disaster, I let the instructor use it as an example to show how to take it off of the parchment paper after it has dried using the Wilton Flower Lifter and place it on a cupcake. My icing was not dry but I didn't quite get the technique on my first go at it so it was okay with me for him to give the class an idea of what to do.

My attempt with the swirled flower above in pink.

My favorite was the rosette. The first one I attempted still had some yellow icing in the decorator bag and I filled it with some white and it made an amazing affect on the yellow/white rosette shown in the photo above.

The center cupcake is the shaggy mum.

In the above photo we have rosettes with leaves and the cupcake in blue has the shaggy mum affect as well as the swirled flower in the center.

The shell pattern shown wrapped around the pink rosette in the top left corner of the above photo is very hard for me to get down I will have to do a lot of practicing between now and next Monday's class. The last lesson of the decorating basics class. We will be making a final cake and decorating it with what we have learned from class.  I am so nervous!