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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smokin' A WHAT?

Smokin' A Fatty! That's what it's called. This is made up of beef, sausage, bacon, & cheese plus spices. My husband woke up at 3 AM Saturday and started on this meal. He thought it was a good idea to put all the meet in the Food processor and then roll it out fill with goodies and weave his bacon around it. Okay it sounds ok. But I think the food processor toughened the meat, it did something to the flavor. I felt it was such a shame for this much meat to be wasted on a bad dinner. But you win some and you lose some. It sure looked like it would taste delicious. (giggles) He also roasted up some garlic and prepared garlic mashed potatoes. He says he LOVES garlic. You had to love garlic in order to eat those potatoes. I almost lost my breathe the garlic was so potent. Live and Learn my dear. I ate as much as I could which wasn't much.  I couldn't help but crack a joke hear and there to get a feel for how the rest of the family felt because by the looks on my sons face, it was priceless!!